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knowledge puzzles

fmay 2020

by Cindy Young

" Does lean need knowledge management? Can lean programs succeed without organizations building knowledge management processes into the organizational lean framework? What about encouraging knowledge sharing? "


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continuous improvement - a series of new normals

May 2020

by Beth Crowley

" W e are living in an unprecedented time” is being reported by media outlets all over the world. “We will all have to get used to the New Normal.” (...)


(...) Imagine if we could view the current pandemic as a catalyst to innovation as opposed to unwanted change and a burden. Maybe instead of getting used to the new normal, leaders should encourage teams to create their new normal, to design a new way of working that meets the changing requirements of both customers and employees. If we can evolve the way that we think about change and accept that change is inevitable, we can change our mindset and how we deal with it.  (...) "

lean’s crumbling foundations

may 2020

by Bob Emiliani

" The intellectual foundation of Lean management was built decades ago at a time when business reigned supreme. It was an engrossing mania.  (...)



(...) People still want better leader-ship and management — but only those leaders and managers who put followers first and manage by facts, not by fictions. (...)"


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