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the 4Cs of trust

feb 2020

by Jamie Flinchbaugh

" There are many valuable books and knowledgeable speakers who offer informed opinions about what is needed to make a lean journey successful.

Trust, or a culture of trust, will often make that list But how much does trust matter? Why does it matter at all, and what
should you do about it?


In this article we will discuss the research and explore the conclusions about how trust impacts your lean journey  (...) "


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the disruptive principle-based architecture

feb 2020

by Mohamed Saleh

" Achieving competitive advantage in the healthcare industry has become more challenging due to the spikes in costs, and thus system optimization and economic stability have become imperative. (...)


(...) Recent evidence to date does not support the claim that Lean interventions with the goal that it leads to such improvements in healthcare cost and quality has been sufficient (Moraros, Lemstra, & Nwankwo, 2016). These gap within health care raises the question of why organizations that have embodied its full adoption in other settings achieved such outstanding results and not in healthcare. 


What if someone told you Lean doesn’t work in Healthcare? …What if you found they were right!  (...) "

putting the human back in technology

feb 2020

by Lauren Hisey

" (...) As more and more businesses move into the world of using some form of AI, we need to stop and think about how this is going to affect our workforce. We used to throw things over the fence and not think about upstream and downstream when it comes to processes. We did not stop to think about how changes would affect the process and people performing things steps. We are not looking at the whole picture. Technology and AI are being introduced globally into all industries and businesses. Depending on the industry and the type of job being performed, technology is taking the human out of the workforce. We are losing the human side of things.  (...) "


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